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Indulge in the magical fusion of @sanremorai and @pokemon with our exclusive Pokémon Trainer Series. Introducing "Mahmood e Gholdengo" – inspired by the legendary Pokémon trainer, Mahmood, and his majestic Gholdengo. This dynamic duo takes center stage as the first in our Sanremo 2024 Pokémon Trainer Series, beautifully captured by Luca Orlando.

Key Features:

⚜️ Mesmerizing Design: Luca Orlando's artistic prowess shines in this captivating depiction of @mahmood and Gholdengo, seamlessly merging the world of music and Pokémon.

🌟 Limited Edition: Commemorate the unforgettable Mahmood in Sanremo 2024 with this limited-edition T-shirt, perfect for fans and collectors alike.

🎤 The Pokémon King: Celebrate Mahmood, the reigning Pokémon king, and his Gholdengo, bringing a touch of Pokémon magic to the world of Sanremo.

Be a Fan, Be a Trainer:

Whether you're a fan of @mahmood, a Pokémon Trainer at heart, or someone who appreciates unique collaborations, this T-shirt is your ticket to expressing your love for music and Pokémon.

Designed by Luca Orlando:

Luca Orlando's creative brilliance captures the essence of @mahmood and Gholdengo, showcasing their regal presence in this exclusive design. Wear their spirit proudly!

Join the Pokémonization:

Don't miss the chance to celebrate Sanremo 2024 with Mahmood and Gholdengo. Grab your limited-edition T-shirt now and showcase your passion for music and Pokémon in a style that's as legendary as the artist himself.

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