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I p’me, Tu p’ te
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Italy | Geolier | I p’me, Tu p’ te


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Embark on a musical journey with the captivating fusion of @sanremorai and @pokemon in our exclusive collaboration. Presenting "Geolier e Golem di Alola" – the fifth artist to be Pokémonized in the Sanremo 2024 Pokémon Trainer Series, designed by the talented Luca Orlando.

Key Features:

🪨 Dynamic Design: Luca Orlando's artistic flair brings @geolier and Golem di Alola to life in a unique Pokémon Trainer theme, capturing the essence of their musical prowess.

🌟 Limited Edition: This T-shirt commemorates the fifth artist in the series – @geolier – and is a limited-edition piece for fans and collectors alike.

🎤 Napoli Vibes: Immerse yourself in the Napoli vibes with @geolier's iconic style and the rock-solid presence of Golem di Alola.

Be a Fan, Be a Trainer:

Whether you're a fan of @geolier, a Pokémon Trainer enthusiast, or someone who appreciates creative collaborations, this T-shirt is your passport to expressing your love for music and Pokémon.

Designed by Luca Orlando:

Luca Orlando's artistic brilliance shines through, encapsulating the charisma and energy of @geolier and Golem di Alola in this exclusive design. Wear their spirit proudly!

Join the Pokémonization:

Don't miss the chance to celebrate Sanremo 2024 with @geolier and Golem di Alola. Grab your limited-edition T-shirt now and showcase your passion for music and Pokémon in a style that's as bold as the artists themselves.

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