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Joker Out
Carpe Diem - Baltez
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Slovenia | Joker Out | Carpe Diem - Baltez


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Introducing the "Carpe Diem" T-shirt by Balpez

🌟 Seize the Day with Joker Out! 🇸🇮

Celebrate the musical journey of Slovene pop rock band Joker Out and their hit song "Carpe Diem." This song represented Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and captured hearts across Europe.

🎶 Production and Release: The song's magic was created during an inspiring month in December 2022, recorded in a Hamburg studio. Joker Out's dedication to keeping it in the Slovene language while making it universally captivating shines through.

📽️ Eurovision Journey: Witness their path to the Eurovision stage and the impact they made. The song's memorable performance earned them a place in the final, leaving a lasting impression.

🎵 Musical Triumph: "Carpe Diem" soared to the top in Slovenia and found a spot in the hearts of listeners in Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden, making it a chart-topper and a fan favorite.

Wear the essence of "Carpe Diem" and celebrate the band's dedication to musical excellence. Order your T-shirt today and carry the song's spirit with you wherever you go. 🎤👕 #CarpeDiemTee #BalpezDesign #Eurovision2023

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