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Marco Mengoni
Due Vite
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Italy | Marco Mengoni | Due Vite


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Marco Mengoni’s Eurovision Song Contest song Due Vite is about how (lost) love can feel like being all alone in the desert. Inspired by the music video, I took Marco’s trip through the desert as the main starting point.

We are the only ones awake in the whole universe
Siamo i soli svegli in tutto l’universo

And I still don’t know your desert well
E non conosco ancora bene il tuo deserto

Maybe it’s somewhere in my heart
Forse è in un posto del mio cuore

Where the sun is always off
Dove il sole è sempre spento

Where sometimes I lose you
Dove a volte ti perdo

But if I want I’ll take you
Ma se voglio ti prendo

We are stuck in such a time
Siamo fermi in un tempo così

Which lifts the streets
Che solleva le strade

With the sky one step away from here
Con il cielo ad un passo da qui

We are wearing Song T-shirts
Indossiamo magliette Song T-shirt

I should call you
Dovrei telefonarti

Tell you the things I feel
Dirti le cose che sento

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