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Kalff Edition
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Netherlands | 2023 | Kalff Edition


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This shirt is specifically designed for Café Kalff. The bar will stream the Eurovision Song Contest on a big screen on the street. It will be fantastic! Even more so, because you get a discount on this unique shirt!

Inspired by the music clip of Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper. Both sing in front of a huge light, representing a sun. Their song Burning Daylight will represent the Netherlands during the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

I don't find any joy anymore
From the same old cycle (Cycle)
Don't know what made me happy before
From all to zero
Where did I go?

Between falling and running
I've been trying to get on my feet in time
I've never been good at crying
Always wanted to be the tough type

I'm sorry I'm just human
I'm losing myself while chasing highs
I'm losing myself while chasing highs
Wearing a Song T-Shirt

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