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United Kingdom
Olly Aleksander
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United Kingdom | Olly Aleksander | Dizzy


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🎶 Immerse yourself in the electrifying beats of "Dizzy" with our exclusive T-shirt design by Ricardo Balbastre - Balpez! 🌟 Crafted in homage to the synth-pop anthem by English singer-songwriter Olly Alexander, this design captures the essence of pop, electro, dance-pop, and disco.

📅 Released on 1 March 2024 via Polydor Records, "Dizzy" marks Alexander's debut solo release after the hiatus of Years & Years. Selected to represent the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2024, it's a testament to Alexander's musical evolution and captivating style.

🎵 Composed by Oliver Alexander Thornton and Daniel Harle, with Alexander lending his lyrical prowess, "Dizzy" offers a modern twist on '80s-inspired sounds. A fusion of Balearic beats and sugary sentiments, it's a euphoric journey through pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies.

🎥 Experience the mesmerizing visuals of "Dizzy" in our T-shirt, available now at www.songtshirts.eu. Let's celebrate the magic of music and dance together! 💖 #DizzyTee #Eurovision2024 #RicardoBalbastre #BalpezArt #UnitedKingdom #SongTshirts 🇬🇧

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