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Silverster Belt
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Lithuania | Silverster Belt | Luktelk


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Introducing our exclusive "Luktelk" T-shirt, featuring the captivating design work of LemonLikesFrogs, inspired by Silvester Belt's Eurovision entry!

Crafted with the essence of Belt's pop-electronic sound, this shirt pays homage to his chart-topping single released on 11 January 2024. Dive into the depths of "Luktelk," a song that echoes the complexities of modern existence and the yearning for a moment of pause. Composed and written by Silvestras Beltė, alongside Džesika Šyvokaitė and Elena Jurgaitytė, and brought to life by producers Karolis Labanauskas and Linas Strockis, this anthem resonates with those caught in the repetitive rhythms of everyday life.

Drawing inspiration from the success of previous Lithuanian entries, "Luktelk" infuses pop melodies with electronic beats, delivering a sonic experience that transcends boundaries. Beltė's vision extends beyond language barriers, with lyrics crafted to resonate universally.

In an interview, Beltė revealed the song's underlying theme of navigating the surreal maze of modern existence, where reality blurs into dreams. It's a poignant reflection on the struggle for happiness amidst the monotony of daily routines, yet ultimately embracing the hope for a new day.

Join the excitement as Lithuania's entrant takes center stage in Malmö, Sweden, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Show your support for Silvester Belt and the Lithuanian delegation with our exclusive LemonLikesFrogs-designed "Luktelk" T-shirt.

Crafted from premium materials for maximum comfort, this tee is perfect for Eurovision watch parties or casual wear. Don't miss your chance to be part of Eurovision history. Order now and get ready to cheer on Silvester Belt as he dazzles audiences with his mesmerizing performance! #Eurovision #SilvesterBelt #Luktelk #LemonLikesFrogs

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