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Monika Linkytė
Stay - Balpez
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Lithuania | Monika Linkytė | Stay - Balpez


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"Stay – Čiūto Tūto" - Monika Linkytė's Melodic Journey T-Shirt by Balpez

🎵 Celebrate "Stay" with Our Exclusive T-Shirt: Immerse yourself in the melody of "Stay – Čiūto Tūto," the song by Lithuanian singer Monika Linkytė. Now you can wear the magic of this musical journey with our exclusive T-shirt, designed by Balpez.

🇱🇹 From Pabandom iš naujo! to Eurovision: "Stay" became Lithuania's shining star as it won Pabandom iš naujo! 2023, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. This captivating song carries the hopes of Lithuania to the Eurovision stage and peaked at number five in Lithuania.

🌟 The Song's Inspiration: Monika Linkytė and Latvian songwriter Chris Noah created "Stay" during an unplanned writing session, inspired by the importance of pausing and reconnecting with oneself. Some lines in the song draw from Lithuanian folk sutras, reflecting the yearning to hear the voice of our hearts more clearly.

🎶 Reviving Tradition: "Stay" brought new life to the traditional Lithuanian art form, sutartinės, sparking national interest. This led to the introduction of a national day of sutartinės, celebrated on November 16.

🌠 Wear the Magic: Our T-shirt design by Balpez beautifully captures the essence of "Stay – Čiūto Tūto." It's not just clothing; it's a symbol of music's power to inspire and celebrate cultural heritage.

📢 Join the Musical Celebration: Embrace the magic of "Stay" and let your style reflect the beauty of music and tradition. Order your T-shirt today and share the enchantment with the world. 🌠👕 #StayTee #BalpezDesign #MusicalJourney

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