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Break My Heart - Balpez
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Denmark | Reiley | Break My Heart - Balpez


Express emotions with Denmark's 'Breaking My Heart' T-Shirt, inspired by Reiley's Eurovision Contest Song. Get yours now! Design: Balpez

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🎶 Dive into the world of music with our exclusive "Breaking My Heart" inspired t-shirt, designed by Balpez. This shirt pays tribute to the captivating song by Faroese sensation Reiley, representing Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Design Inspiration:
Balpez's "Breaking My Heart" t-shirt captures the essence of Reiley's emotional melody. The design artfully portrays the pain and vulnerability of a "toxic" romantic relationship. Balpez has brilliantly translated the song's message into a visual.

About the Song:
"Breaking My Heart" is the creation of Reiley, Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet, and Hilda Stenmalm. The song delves into the complex emotions of a tumultuous love story, and it's a reflection of Reiley's personal experience.

Eurovision Journey:
"Breaking My Heart" won the Danish national selection, Melodi Grand Prix 2023, earning Denmark's spot at Eurovision 2023. While it didn't make it to the Grand Final, the song touched hearts with its emotional depth.

Make a Statement:
Wear the "Breaking My Heart" t-shirt to express your love for music and emotions. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a wearable testament to the power of song and the art of conveying heartache through melody.

Join us in celebrating the profound connection between music and emotion. Order your limited edition t-shirt now and let the world feel the melody of your heart. 🎵💔👕

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